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Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is an English engineer and computer scientist. He solved a seemingly trivial problem, sharing information with his team, but did so in a way that created an open standard and philosophy that enabled the World Wide Web to become the phenomenon it is today.

The motivations and formation of his solution inspire the Digital Problem Solving philosophy. When things are done in the right way, following open standards and patterns, the benefits are far greater. Creativity allowed him to piece together what existed to solve the right problem far quicker.

Most of the technology involved in the Web, like the hypertext, like the internet, multifont text objects, had all been designed already. I just had to put them together

For me personally, his continued work to keep the Web open and used for positive change is vitally important. The Web has transformed information equality and is the foundation for lots of positive disruption in multiple industries. It has created an evolutionary shift that has had a profound impact on people’s lives just like the printing press once did. It’s an important lesson - when things are done in the right way, for the right reasons, the impact and adoption can be massive.