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Sir James Dyson

Perhaps less well known for his invention of the Ballbarrow, Sea Truck and Wheelboat, James Dyson became a household name with his dual cyclone vacuum which did away with replacement bags and a £100m UK disposable bag market in the process. He is the epitome of prevailing determination in delivering one’s vision when after failing to sell his invention to major manufacturers he set up his own manufacturing company. Even then, no distributor would handle his product in the UK, so he launched in Japan.

An engineer at heart, Dyson has honed his experience and invested heavily in R&D to produce some of the most prolific domestic electrical products on the market, yet he is still a passionate visionary. Dyson is the UK’s biggest investor in robotics and artificial intelligence research and plans to produce an electric vehicle by 2020.

Enjoy failure and learn from it, you can never learn from success

He is also an inspirational leader and investor in people; in 2017 he started the first phase of his own university, the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology.