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What would the web do?

What does it mean?

We use the phrase “What Would the Web Do?” (WWWD) as a guide when looking for ways to help clients exploit emerging digital technology, seeking inspiration from companies who have grown up on the Web. When faced with a new problem which includes an element of digital, we focus on the “customer-in” experience and leverage every possible microservice already on the Web.

Why do we believe it’s important?

Simply put, we believe in a WWWD strategy because it clearly underpins the success of some of the most famous companies of this era! Established companies who have started to work like true digital natives are succeeding in adapting and flourishing in the connected world, leaving those who refuse to do things differently behind.

An example of a WWWD principle is A/B testing which uses two variants of the same functionality in a live environment to see which solves a problem or exploits an opportunity better. In the “old” world this might have been addressed through a lengthy market analysis or test in a lab, which would be more expensive and usually give a worse result. WWWD? Get it out there quickly and see what your users think!

Leading technology vendors continue to push the same "innovative" tech solutions on every company they can. The software packages they sell claim to answer all the clients problems through myriad functionality, ignoring the fact that the best the client can hope for is parity with its competitors. If you look at a problem taking a technology and capability agnostic perspective, you tend to get a very different and much more relevant answer to deliver on what's really wanted in hyper-competitive markets. In an environment where "everybody at this company knows the answer (i.e. the answer is what we already know)", WWWD helps take a brand new perspective, which is in line with the way technology is now being exploited by the world’s most successful companies.

How do we put it into practice?

While every business context, problem and opportunity are unique, there are a number of proven WWWD patterns covering customer and staff experience, technology architecture and digital solutions. We bring these patterns (and continuously challenge and refine them) when considering the right technology approach for our client challenge. We do not bring "the answer is" solutions. We help teams discover and apply new software patterns and services to their specific problems, identifying new ways forward.

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