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Smart stitching

What does it mean?

Traditionally, organizations looking to acquire software had two fundamental approaches – build or buy. Often, neither of these approaches worked well for the client, leading to the poor track record of IT project delivery and frustrated business leaders.

Fortunately, the work of technology innovators and software-driven businesses has opened up a third approach that we describe as Smart Stitching. In this pattern, an end-to-end business capability can be split into logically discreet elements that can be delivered as a coherent whole using standard software platforms, which are increasingly open source, cloud-based and delivered as a seamless, integrated service.

Why do we believe it's important?

Smart Stitching provides our clients with the ability to deliver breakthrough transformation with:

  • Increased Certainty - most business processes can be broken down into modules of functionality for which there is already a solution, often ready to be stitched into any other service and then delivered through a SaaS service
  • Lower Cost - elements that are truly bespoke to a solution or organization are typically a small percentage of the total footprint, and custom development of these components becomes a manageable and time-efficient exercise. The commodity and custom elements can then be “stitched” together into an end-to-end solution, delivered with a consumer-like experience if needed
  • Lower Risk - Once legacy platforms are looked on as an asset to be harnessed and exploited, rather than an obstacle requiring wholesale replacement, the footprint of the required solution often shrinks dramatically. Smart Stitching is essentially making use of the fact that modern software is designed to work with other software through commonly coded interfaces and protocols, as is common on the Web

How do we put it into practice?

Smart Stitching is at the heart of all the technical architectures we design, whether building from the ground up or finding smart ways of making use of what already exists, bringing in specific pieces where necessary. For example, we helped a large entertainment company use Smart Stitching to deliver an industry first, new customer point-of-sale omnichannel experience. This involved taking existing and new technologies and linking them to enable automation of staff tasks, in order to provide a better customer experience and to help them better meet emerging government regulations.

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