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Framework #31

Prosci ADKAR

Jeffery M. Hiatt (2006)

What does it mean?

The Prosci ADKAR Model is goal-orientated. When applied to organisational change, this model focuses on specific “phase gates” that help guide individuals and groups through the change journey, it stands for:

  • Awareness - of the change
  • Desire - engage with the change
  • Knowledge - how to “do” the change
  • Ability - have the capability to implement the change
  • Reinforcement - ensure the change “sticks”

Why do we believe it's important?

Prosci ADKAR is used as a part of our Digital Problem Solving Adoption Engineering methodology. ADKAR outlines an individual’s successful journey through change. Each step (or “phase gate”) of the model fits into pragmatic activities and approaches that guide people through the change journey - it helps modularise key ‘phase gates’ of acceptance.  Understanding how individuals work through ‘change’ gives insight into group dynamics and we can use ADKAR in mapping (and reacting) to group patterns of behaviour to help guide organisations through the overall change journey with focus on specific stages.

How do we put it into practice?

Working with a leading FTSE 150 Entertainment Client, we used ADKAR during a large CRM transformation programme to introduce new ways of working to the business. We ensured that at all times the affected user community was aware, understood the need for change, and had the support to embrace and embed the new ways of working. We used ADKAR’s “phase gates” as good reference points for our overall comms strategy. Whilst ADKAR traditionally has a linear approach to change, when applied alongside Agile delivery, it helps our clients  test messaging, allowing us to dynamically adjust the change approach to ensure “change sticks”. This helped deliver a new reality to employees that was perceived as a positive.

Source: Jeffery M. Hiatt, ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community, Prosci Learning Center Publications (1 Aug. 2006)


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